#Augustfavourites 2015

Time for #Augustfavourites, but unfortunately August was sooooooo busy that I didn’t read that many blog posts nor did I have time to write that much. I am going to share with you a few bits and bobs though. Blog posts Anthony Teacher.com: Adapting academic reading circles for the listening and speaking classroom. Hotel 3001: Where […]

My lesson plans/Woksheets

Welcome to my lesson plan/questionnaires page. I have designed a few lessons from scratch and you can find them here. Article-based sessions The marketing of the Barbie doll In today’s post I am using one article for two speaking lessons or conversational sessions. Before I move on, let me explain what I mean by a […]

EAP resources

                                My Top (online) EAP resources After writing my EAP course overview post, I thought to myself, “why not write about my go to EAP websites?” So, here are a few of the websites I use when I teach my English […]