#Monthly favourites May 2015

May Every month on YouTube you see videos titled ¬†“monthly favourites” and I really enjoy watching them (Yes, I watch beauty YouTubers, it’s my thing ūüôā ). Anyhow, I thought, ” Why not share my monthly ELT and non- ELT favourites with you guys?” So, here is another one of my random (girlie?!)blog posts. ELT […]


Happy New Year everyone!!! Today’s post is going to be about what I loved in December ELT wise. So, let’s see!! Articles Here are some articles I used to generate discussions/ long talks with my learners. The secret to living a long life: This one was funny. I asked my (female) learners, “What do you […]

#Monthly favourites

So, yeap, yeap, this is going to become a permanent post. Every month I will be posting the things I liked during each month. These things may be ELT related BUT there are also going to be books, photos, YouTube videos¬†and beauty products (cause I luv me makeup and I am a wannabe fashionista). If […]

Top EAP resources part 2

My top (online) EAP resources part 2 After writing my first post on some of the online English for Academic Purposes resources I use and since my next pre sessional EAP course (6th!)¬†is just around the corner, I thought it was time for round two. Time to write about some more online¬†EAP resources I use/ […]