The girlie side of ELT : )

The Girlie Side of ELT I have written a few posts that a girlie. Some of them have to do with thoughts and others with fashion. I even added a hashtag #thegirliesideofelt. I enjoy blogging and I like going beyond my educational blogging from time to time. So, here I do that. If you actually […]

11 Things (blog challenge)

Hi everyone!! I haven’t rambled here for a while cause I have been super busy teaching, cause I don’t really have that much to share regarding my teaching, cause blog number 2 is getting all my TLC and cause well I dunno! Anyhooooooooo, I was tagged in the 11 random facts/ 11 things blog challenge […]

#Augustfavourites 2015

Time for #Augustfavourites, but unfortunately August was sooooooo busy that I didn’t read that many blog posts nor did I have time to write that much. I am going to share with you a few bits and bobs though. Blog posts Anthony Adapting academic reading circles for the listening and speaking classroom. Hotel 3001: Where […]