Merry Christmas & Stuff

Hi everyone,

2019 is coming to an end and I have not been here for ages. I thought I’d pop on to wish everyone Happy Holidays. May all your dreams come true and may 2020 be better than 2019. It’s a new decade folks. What do you see coming your way? I, for one, have a new job where I work. I will be coordinating during the presessional course. My title now is Associate Lecturer. It is a part time post though. 3 days a week I will be coordinating and 2 days a week I will be a Language and Study Skills Tutor. How will it work?? We will see. At last a dream came true. That’s the thing. Ever since I started working at the uni, I always said I wanted to get a more senior role. I applied for jobs and didn’t get shortlisted. Then I had training on how to write cover letters (would you like to see mine or a post on how to write one?). I had a couple of interviews which lead to temporary posts. Posts I did not shy away from. Posts I gave up summer hols for. I wanted the experience. I got the experience and now the job. So aim high, don’t give up. You will get there. I think I will start writing here again. If any of my readers are still here, thank you. Take care and have fun. till next time ….


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