#Monthly favourites

So, yeap, yeap, this is going to become a permanent post. Every month I will be posting the things I liked during each month. These things may be ELT related BUT there are also going to be books, photos, YouTube videos and beauty products (cause I luv me makeup and I am a wannabe fashionista). If you press the month, you will be able to read the whole post. So, enjoy.

#August favourites

#July favourites

#June favourites

So, since I enjoyed writing my first #monthlyfavorites post, and you guys seemed to like it as well, I am back with #Junefavourites. So, here are the things I loved in June. I start off with ELT-related things I enjoyed, I move on to fun kinda work -related stuff and I go completely girly and borderline personal at the end of the post. If you like these posts or have your own favourites, feel free to comment in the comments section.  Complete post here

#May favourites

May Every month on YouTube you see videos titled  “monthly favourites” and I really enjoy watching them (Yes, I watch beauty YouTubers, it’s my thing 🙂 ). Anyhow, I thought, ” Why not share my monthly ELT and non- ELT favourites with you guys?” So, here is another one of my random (girlie?!)blog posts. Complete post found here


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