What is this blog all about?

I have been teaching English for 18 years and have spent a lot of time going through articles and books written by great methodologists on how or what to teach. Choosing the right activity/task is quite hard and sometimes what you thought was a “great idea!” may have ended up being “eh, ok”.I will test some of the ideas I thought were interesting and reflect on them here.

 I will also talk about my thoughts on anything elt-ish that pops into my head : p. Finally, you will see that I have some girlie posts as well. Let’s just say I am a wannabe fashionista English teacher/blogger.

You are more than welcome to comment and make any suggestions. Follow my blog if you find what I have to say interesting. So, may the ELT blogging begin!

Connect with me

If you want, follow me on

Twitter: @joannacre

Facebook and LinkedIn: Joanna Malefaki

My second blog: My pink rambles

Since my girlie rambles are quite a lot, I just started a new blog where I will be talking about life, shopping, travelling, books, beauty and anything non work-related that pops into me head. You can follow that blog here. Twitter handle for the ‘girlie’ stuff @mypinkrambles

I also have a beauty, DIY, planning/ organisation & lifestyle YouTube channel 🙂

You can check it out here.

Talk soon


Chania, Crete Pic credits Eri Mihelaki

Chania, Crete Pic credits Eri Mihelaki


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