My lesson plans/Woksheets

Welcome to my lesson plan/questionnaires page. I have designed a few lessons from scratch and you can find them here.

Article-based sessions

The marketing of the Barbie doll

In today’s post I am using one article for two speaking lessons or conversational sessions. Before I move on, let me explain what I mean by a conversational session.  This is a lesson during which you share an article with your learner, and you just talk about the article. It is a freer type of lesson. If you see opportunities for linguistic development, seize them. If your learner asks questions about words or grammar points, go ahead and answer them. The main goal is to get the learner to talk though, have some sort of chit-chat session

Video-based sessions

Kindergartener’s ABCs saves dad’s life

I am sharing with you an adaptation of a lesson I did for my Delta. This is a video-based lesson which is appropriate for learners who are upper intermediate level and above. It was part of a Task based learner lesson but now I have made adaptations so it does not really follow the stages of TBL. It is great for upper-intermediate learners.


The 2nd Conditional lesson plan

This is a grammar lesson which focuses on teaching the 2nd conditional to intermediate level students. What ties the lesson together is this grammatical structure. There are different themes and it practices listening, speaking and writing.

Make and Do Collocations

Today I am sharing a lesson plan that presents and practices make/do collocations. This lesson is for elementary level students (teens/adults but not for very young learners). What is the lesson about? It is about Jack and Maria’s love story. In particular, what they do before the date, what they say during the date….

TED talks

Amy Cuddy TED talk lesson plan

Jason Fried TED talk lesson plan

Needs Analysis Questionnaires

Quick Needs Analysis (general English)

EAP presentation skills needs analysis questionnaire


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