All about colours

I am partially colour blind which in simple terms means that I do not see colours the same way you do. It also means that I get confused when tones are similar. This affects my life and my work to an extent. I have written a few posts about being colour blind and you will find them all here (press the link under each title if you are interested in more information). The word in italics under each title is where you can find the link to the full text.

My story

This post is about some of the things you can’t do when you can’t see colours.


I see yellow, you see blue :Teaching while colour blind. How my class does not rely on colours.

Learning: Painting lessons

Challenges when painting: Making or Breaking the learner. My teacher’s initial reaction to me being colour blind and taking painting lessons.

How I learnt about colours and painting

This post is about tones and shades, how to combine colours and how to learn how to paint when colour blind. Painting is like math.

Never say never

This is going to be short and sweet and of course non ELT-related. Even if someone tells you that you can’t do something, but you feel you can, do it. This is what my painting looks like. I have no idea what the colours are any more.

Avoiding Burnout

This post is about why I started painting.


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