The stranded in a cave task

Stranded in a cave
The other day I showed my intermediate level students a picture of a cave and asked them what this was and what they’d do  if in a cave. Then I added some drama and told them, ” Well guys, bad luck! You are now stranded in this cave and you have to get out or survive by using whatever is on the card!”
Activity: Students have cards with pictures on them and have to say how they would use this item to get out of the cave or survive. Some of the pictures have weird items on them e.g chewing gum or a plastic bag so as to make the students use their imagination and also make the task more fun. There is also a card with a question mark on it which means that the student has to choose his own object.Students are also asked to take notes of how their classmates would use these items so as  to use these notes during part two of the exercise.
Aim of the task: This is a speaking task (group work). Students can practice the use of the 2nd conditional (If I had a torch, I’d use it to guide me outside). Other structures are also used as this is a group task which invloves expressing opinion/problem solving/asking questions. This task also involves purposeful listening and note taking.
So, how did the task go?
Well, it created a great atmosphere and there was a lot of laughter. The element of surprise was there especially when a student had to mention how he would use the question mark card.Students did use the second conditional form but this was not the only strucutre they used. Some kept notes of how their classmates would use the items and others didn’t (one of the weaknesses of this part of the lesson).
Best part: My class was a group of adults! Who says adults dislike gamelike tasks?
How could I make this even more fun?
Add music-dramatic music like in the movies : ). Bring realia into the classroom. Something tangible although don’t know how the lesson would go with a dog in the classroom…….
Any comments?

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