Teacher pep talk

I was watching the Voice the other day and noticed that whenever a young contestant was ready to perform, their family would say, ” Go for it. Aim big!” Now, it is worrying to think that getting on the Voice for some is aiming big, but then again, this is the reality of the fame frenzy era we live in and this post is not one of those posts. No. Here I am going to talk about teachers and goals.
When you were young, did your loved ones tell you, ” You can do it. Aim high. Shoot for the stars”? I think most of us have heard these phrases. What does it have to do with work though? If we take personal happiness and love out of the life equation, what does “shoot for the starts” mean for a teacher? What is aim big? Is it aim for the big bucks? For a higher ranking position? For fame? How high is high?
So, let’s do the math
Aim for the big bucks: Now that is funny. I don’t know any filthy rich teachers. I don’t really think that any of us are on the Forbes list, or will be any time sooner. So, for a teacher, aim big is not money related.
Aim for fame: Well, superstar stardom is probably out of the question, but being popular among your students, being loved and respected by students and colleagues should be one of your aims. Is it aiming high? That depends on your psyche. For me, both take time and are not the easiest of goals. They are very important though. 
Aim for a higher teaching /ranking position: If you are a new teacher and you want to try something new in class, try it! If you want to become a headmaster, go for it. If you want to go from a freelance teacher to a university teacher, do it. You want to write a book about teaching? Pursue your dream! Of course it will be hard, but no pain, no gain and anyway, us teachers are tough cookies. So, these can and should be considered aiming high!
Going for it means you set a goal and try to achieve it. How do you do this?You educate yourself, you get qualifications, you listen to your superiors, your students, your colleagues. You are patient. You try to better yourself as a person and as a professional. You prepare yourself for failure, and if you fail, you pick yourself up and give it another shot.
A more personal note
I, for example, started by being a freelance teacher. I worked in both the public and private sector. I ran a business, lost a business. I initially applied for summer schools in the UK, but then thought, “Hey! I will try EAP”. I did, and I got a job in the UK. I love it, I go every summer now. I started teaching online and I will now be developing materials for my company (material development is a new goal). I love blogging and have been asked to write guest posts (two very exciting ones are just around the corner), I want to start writing more and who knows where that will lead. FYI: I applied for two jobs that I probably won’t get, but you know what? Big woop if I don’t. At least I am setting goals and trying to make something happen : ).
So, from an ‘old’ teacher, this is my advice. Set goals and try to achieve them. Little ones, big ones. Whatever makes you happy, cause bottom line is that for a teacher as well, the sky is the limit! Don’t settle for second best!
Picture from: www.newforestobservatory.com link here
I would really like to hear from you. What is the ‘sky’ for you? Have you reached it? What are you doing to make it happen? Comments are welcome in the comments section below.
Till next time……

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