Avoiding burnout

When the going gets tough…….

                                                    find a hobby

So, there is a fine line between being a teacher and being a normal person. Now, if you are not a teacher, you will not get this, but if you are, you will. I don’t make sense. I know. So, I will make it simple. When you are a teacher, it’s hard to switch off. So, you are a teacher 24/7.

For the past few months, I have been complaining, even whining about how I work all day, I have no free time, yada, yada, yada. It is my choice. I love my job, but yet I complain. It’s a thing I do.  I decided to find time and do something I like or at least try something new. My friends suggested taking up painting. And we did. Apart from the fact that my teacher has her studio right opposite The Body shop and Sephora (how cool is that?) which allows me to do my 2nd favourite thing, shop, I also found out that I really like painting/drawing. Seriously. Time flies. I have no idea how quickly it goes by. I spend 90 mins drawing and it is the most ‘into’ something I have been for a while.

I go to class feeling a bit idle, lazy. Then I start drawing and it’s fantastic!! Of course, I am not going to turn into a painter any time soon, but I am doing something I like and learning at the same time. My conclusion?If you find work has taken over, get a hobby. I can promise you this, when I am painting, I do not think of conditionals, the passive or CCQs.

Bedroom in Arles

                                              Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles  Picture taken from here  

My 1st drawing

I am adapting Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles (picture above). Only mine is a teacher room. That’s what my painting teacher said when she saw what I had changed. Instead of drawing a glass, a jug and a brush on the table (see original), I drew a book and a pair of glasses (instinctively) which of course goes back to the first paragraph of this post. When you are a teacher, you do it 24/7. I am a ‘wannabe’ painter teacher : )

My 1st drawing My first drawing

This is what happened a few drawing/painting lessons later

Till next time……


7 thoughts on “Avoiding burnout

    • I know. Sometimes I think we get overwhelmed by the workload and think that we can’t do anything else but there is always time to squeeze something in. If there isn’t, we need to make time!! : )


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