The girlie side of ELT post #3

What’s in my teacher bag?

This post is me having fun while blogging. You are not going to find any educational tips or useful class activities but something completely girlie. this post is about a bag. A teacher’s bag.

Important notice: If you are not a girlie teacher, don’t read this. I am going to bore you to death!! If you don’t like makeup, STOP READING!!! 🙂

I usually teach at home. I am an online teacher in the morning, and in the afternoon, my students come to my home. There are a few occasions where I do have to leave the house and teach and that’s what I am going to talk to you about today. What are your daily teaching essentials and what on earth fits in a teacher’s bag? So, here goes.

Suitable bags:The bag I use is big and fits books that are A4 size. There are pockets and it also has a shoulder strap.

Big bag

Teacher essentials:

  • Books
  • Pencil case
  • CDs
  • Stickers
  • notebooks

Books and pencil case

Other Stuff- girlie clutter :p

  • Paracetamol. I often get headaches ( I wonder why), so I always have Paracetamol in my bag. I like the one that dissolves in water.
  • Hand cream that smells nice. I don’t know about you guys but I think that a teacher’s hands need to be groomed and smell nice. Also, my skin is quite sensitive, so I always need to moisture them. My favorite nice scented hand creams are one I got from Boots and it’s a small size hand cream from a brand called Sanctuary and one from the Body Shop. Both smell great and very often my students say,”Can I put some on as well miss?”
  • Perfume (the little samples). My favorite perfume? Ones that smell likes roses (Chloe Rose is really nice)
  • Lip balm/ lip stick. Lip balm is necessary cause lips get dry and lip stick goes away quickly, so I need some to touch up my makeup. I am going through a chubby stick makeup phase. Chubby sticks are like pencils (just chubbier) so you don’t really need a mirror to apply them! Loads of brands are available. I like the Clinique ones.
  • Sun glasses
  • Tissues
  • An umbrella (Yes, it does rain in Crete)
  • A purse
  • My phone and the charger (those smart phones run out of battery so quickly)
  • Chewing gum (I don’t chew gum during lessons, but I do afterwards)


My bag ends up weighing 100 kilos, and then I get back pains  :p

That’s all folks.

Talk soon xx


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