The girlie side of ELT post 6


So, today’s post is going to be about my reading habits. As an ELT professional, I have spent a fair amount of time reading books on methodology, grammar, linguistics etc.. The book I have read the most times is Rod Ellis’s “Second Language Acquisition” (four times) I read that one, not so much cause I loved it (although it does have an abundance of interesting information, and everyone should read it) but because it was quite hard to understand. A big book packed with info.

The 2nd  book I have read many times is “Developments in English for specific purposes” by Dudley Evans & St. John. I really liked this one cause, well, I did get it, and because it was very closely linked to the things I teach (Business English and English for academic purposes).


Now, having mentioned the books I have read the most times, let me move on to the real topic of today’s post. After spending so many hours (and years) reading work -related books, I find that in my free time, I really like reading books that do not problematize me at all. Books that are so lighthearted, it’s like having a mojito on a sun bed on some nice beach in Crete. I am guilty of choosing what many people may call ‘girlie books/literature’ in my free time, and I am not ashamed to say it :p.

 Let me also confess that I think I have book disorder.related book I read, I must read it from cover to cover. Even if it is the most boring book in the world, I must finish it. This means that I may spend months reading a very boring book and a night reading something that I enjoy.

Beach Kolumpari

That’s me. The book kinda worm.

So, that’s all folks.



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