100 Blog Posts later

1 is for the first time I blogged (February 2013).

0 is for the minutes I spent second guessing my posts ( my posts are me-no regrets).

0 is like a circle- it shows connecting. I am connecting with you, wherever you are.

Be real, be truthful, be myself (my motto these days). Accept and move on (this year’s motto).

Love writing, love blogging.

O M G the things I write in here (sometimes I wonder……I bet you do too!).

Going to keep going for as long as I can (that’s a warning   :p).

Please bear with me and be patient with my typos, my rambles, my wordiness, my silliness.

Oh! I have no idea what to write here    😀

Smiley faces and comments is what I like seeing in the comments section (comments-me like ’em).

Two hundred blog posts is the next goal.

So happy to be blogging and sharing my 100th post (Yay).

Yeap, yeap!! I reached 100 blog posts (if you count the guest posts it’s more) and I really don’t know how time flew by. I started without really knowing what I was getting into. I started in Blogger now I am in WordPress. I have written about my teaching, my life. I have been silly and serious.I am still here and I already know what my next post is going to be about! And because my previous post was “I know who I am, but who are you?” I added a bit of sound to my post! So, now you know what I sound like as well    😀

Voice Recorder >>


Till next time…….


12 thoughts on “100 Blog Posts later

  1. What a cool celebration of a blogging milestone – a very nice acrostic 🙂
    I was definitely not so artistic with my own blogging landmark number!
    Have to confess that I find it hard to keep up with much of ELT blogworld at the moment – a change in focus and the death of Google Reader are my excuses.
    Anyway, that’s by the by. Congratulations on your ton and here’s to many more!


    • Hi Mike!!
      Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you liked my post 😀
      While I really enjoy blogging, I , too, find it a bit hard to keep up with all the blog posts around. I try my best and bookmark everything. Now, I have loads of blog posts bookmarked :p
      Thanks again!
      Talk soon somewhere online 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on your 100th post, Joanna! I enjoyed the upbeat tone of your post, and your voice is soo lovely 🙂



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