Joanna’s update: Off to the UK

Hello, hello, hello.
Yeap, yeap it’s THAT time of year. Pre- sessional EAP course time. This is my fifth year. For the past 5 summers I have been spending my summers in the UK and I ❤  it. I leave sunny old Greece, the beach, the endless coffee drinking, going out with my friends, eating at 11 p.m and I go to the UK where I work… a lot, but guess what people…. I enjoy it.

There are many reasons I like going to England for the summer. Firstly, I cannot take the Greek heat and all the beaching. Com’on man, how many hours of sitting on a sun bed can a workaholic teacher like me take? Then, there is the nice freezing cold summer-y English weather which I so enjoy!!


Teaching EAP during the summer is a nice change. I usually teach exam classes or Business English when I am at home. In the UK I extend my knowledge into other fields. I teach academic writing, seminar skills, presentations skills and so much more! I learn about robotics or international banking (I get a peak into what my students will be studying for their Master’s degree). I also get to interact with students from different countries. Most of my learners are Asian. I like seeing how they react to my teaching practice. Their educational background is much different to my educational background. This is so stimulating. It challenges you as a teacher and a person.

Careerwise it’s a great thing to have on your CV. I have been lucky enough to have taught at 3 excellent universities. I have actually experienced 3 different EAP courses (Newcastle University/University of Bristol /Sheffield University) and this has actually helped me improve my teaching. My experience from one course taps into what I am doing when teaching at another university. Plus, without wanting to sound pompous or snobby, teaching at a university is cool. Just think of the classrooms you get to teach in, the resources……..

It’s a working holiday. My weekends are mostly free so I get to travel. I go to London which is my favourite super, duper city. I also get to try new things, go for Friday night drinks after work (I never do that here) and I get to shop till I drop, cause for a materialist gal like me, the UK is me shopping paradise  😀

The funniest part of the whole experience is when you first meet someone, a colleague I mean, and you start the getting to know you questions. One of them is, ” Have you taught English abroad?” My answer….” Yeap!! My teaching abroad is teaching English in the UK ”   😀

So, I am off to the UK. Anyone fancy a meet up? I will be in Sheffield from July 20th till beginning of September…..


Talk soon



10 thoughts on “Joanna’s update: Off to the UK

    • Hey Kirsty,
      I have my umbrella in my hand bag!I have written a couple of EAP posts but i will definitely blog during the course.
      I am also gonna write sth about London as well!
      Oh!I am excited :)))))


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