See you at #TOBELTA

Hi everyone!

Just a quick blog post today!

Tomorrow the #TOBELTA online conference starts (8-9/8). There is a great line up of presenters. it’s free and it’s also online which means you can be in your pyjamas and develop professionally. So it’s win-win! Press here for the programme.


Guess who else is talking? Me. I am actually preparing my PPT as we speak ( or write?).

I will talk about peer and self-assessment in different contexts and my focus will be on the writing skill. I will start off with some background info. The benefits and some drawbacks of both types of assessment and then I will talk to you about different types of activities that can be used in class to promote peer and self-assessment.

My talk is on Saturday the 8th at 17:30 CET (4:30 in the UK/6:30 in Greece).ec063-10561814_10152679793187425_481449428002127213_n

and this is the link to enter the room is:

Hope I get to see ya!!



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