#thegirliesideofelt post 8

Fun times: work, shopping, eating and dancing

You know how when you have a great day at work, you wanna tell everyone about it? And then the day at work turns into this great day and everything is just fab? I had one of those days on Friday and then I had a great weekend, so I thought I’d write a little blog post.

Friday- Work….. great

After work… great….

So, I thought I’d share a babble with you and tell you what my day was like. I left my student accommodation at 8:30 (teachers teaching at Sheffield’s pre-sessional EAP course live in this area called Ranmoore Village and it’s where students live during the academic year).

It was a nice kinda sunny day and I decided I wold walk to work. I never really walk to work cause I stress out over being late, but anyway, I thought I’d get out of my comfort zone and walk to work. And I did. I actually arrived a bit earlier so I got a bit of coffee as well.

I was teaching my main tutor group listening. We did a lot of talking before the listening tasks, we watched videos, students did their tasks, everything went smoothly. We then watched a TED talk and did a bit of writing. As there were a few minutes left, I decided to show them some tongue twisters just to get them to read a bit and practice speaking faster. They loved it. The thing about Chinese students is that they really enjoy pronunciation practice. If one student says something incorrectly, they all repeat the correct pronunciation as if they are in a choir. It’s great!

After work we went to this really nice Chinese restaurant and just ate dumpling. I have one word for you. Yummy. After dinner (which means lunch), we went for coffee at Debenhams’s, sat outside and enjoyed the sun. Afterwards, we went to the movies. We watched American Mistress. Nice film about a girl and her half-sister. Best phrase in the movie is when the guy tells the girl (the protagonist who is a writer)  ” I like you, but I wanna love someone I don’t have to always keep up with”. The movie has fast dialogues and is a nice movie to watch. Is it the best movie I have ever watched in my life? Nope. But it’s a good one.

Shef center

Sheffield City Center

My weekend was full of nice lunches (if you are in Sheffield you may want to check out the Thyne), a bit of shopping (makeup, bits and bobs-Dorothy Perkins has some nice stuff on sale) and my ,oh my, a lot of dancing (some cheesy music as well). You know the expression ”dance till you drop”? I danced and then the next day I was extremely tired (too old for an all nighter!).


Thyne restaurant, Sheffield

So, yeah. Life is good in the UK. I am enjoying it.

Disclaimer: I don’t really know where to put these little babbles and I have decided to put them under the girlie posts. I am actually thinking of just having a second blog where I write any silly thing that pops into my mind. Dunno yet. Any suggestions?

Talk soon



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