How has ‘girlie’ blogging informed my edu blogging?

Hi guys, this post is going to be short (yeah right!) and sweet!. I have been beauty (?) and let’s say girlie blogging for about ten days now and I have learnt a few things I did not know, so I am going to share them with you.

Sharing your stuff

Beauty/ lifestyle bloggers share their posts a lot. If you follow me on Twitter (@joannacre) you know that I , too, tweet a zillion timeswhen I write a blog post! They suggested I use a website called Buffer, and now I do and it has changed my  social media life (hm, let’s not go there….). Anyhow, buffer allows you to schedule your tweets (that’s what I am interested in), and then you don’t have to go on to Twitter to share your stuff manually. I am now scheduling my zillions of Tweets and saving time.


If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that my pictures are boring, not that grand. Because my vision is not that fantastic either, I have difficulty taking nice pics. Again, the beauty bloggers suggested I use Picmonkey, and I am, and I really like it. It is so easy to use (if I can use it, anyone can use it).

But, I was having difficulty with the colours and I tweeted them saying I don’t know what colours I am using (cause I am colourblind), they tweeted me back and sent me a video tutorial (very quickly). They also suggested I look into hex codes. Hex codes?

Hex codes are codes that have been made for colours, so you type in the code, and then you get the colour. Even WordPress uses hex codes when you are designing the header. In order to be able to understand hex codes though, I needed a website that named the colours, and offered the hex codes. I found this great blog which will be linked below and now I know my colours!!

Facebook groups

Their Facebook groups are different to the ELT ones I am a member of. They have promo days during which you are encouraged to read and leave comments on other people’s blog posts. There is a lot of engagement.

Social media

I have pinterest now and bloglovin and I am getting traffic from those websites as well.

Affiliate links

I became a member of Amazon associates, so if I talk about a product and someone wants to buy it from amazon, I get a bit of money (cents). If they don’t, then that’s fine. I clearly mark a product if there is an affiliate link!

piece of art

So, these are a few things I have learnt during the ‘launching’ of my 2nd blog. Why a second blog? I talk about planning, beauty, and stuff I am interested in and cannot share here. If you want to check it out, it will be linked below.

So, have a great weekend everyone!! If you have any cool software tips, please let me know.


Name my colour (hex codes)



My new blog: my pink rambles

Till next time…….


4 thoughts on “How has ‘girlie’ blogging informed my edu blogging?

  1. Hi Joanna,

    Congrats on your new blog – I’ve had a look and I think you’re off to a great start. 🙂 I’m really impressed with how you manage it all timewise, but I guess it’s a matter of finding time for things that you enjoy. Which is what we should all do more often, I think.

    I like Picmonkey too – have used it for some of the visuals in my online course and on the blog. It’s my go-to tool for collages. It’s a funny coincidence, but I also found out about it from a beauty blogger. 🙂 Re the cool software tips, this isn’t a software tip, but I thought I’d suggest that when you add links to other pages in a post you tick the little box that says “open link in a new tab” (or something like that). That way people won’t leave your site. It’s my pet peeve when people link stuff because I usually assume the page opened in another tab and close it down when I’m done, only to find I’ve closed down the original page too. I hope that makes sense. 🙂 Anyway, maybe that’s just me; it’s just a suggestion.

    Looking forward to more of your posts!


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