#MonthlyFavourites: October 2015

Hi everyone!! It’s time for #monthlyfavourites for October 2015. I missed September cause I was busy with my new blog, but I am back, so here are a few of the things I loved in October.

Blogger shout out:

English with Kirsty: cause she’s cool and writes blog posts that are primarily aimed at her students. But lots of her posts have material that can be used with your learners (especially if they are German). Check out her blog here.

Blog Posts/Websites:

Freelance Teacher Self Development: Marc talks about coursebooks and needs analysis and how they need to be combined effectively. Find the post here.

Looking for a lesson plan?Check out the Lesson Plan Digger Website. She posts very frequently and you can find lots of ideas/lesson plans. Check out her blog here.

Top Ten TED talks for managers. If you teach Business English, you may want to check out this website. I have already used some of the Ted talks he suggests, but there are more I will give a try. Find the post here.

If you teach all day and sit a lot, you may want to check this post out. It’s about how to stay fit while sitting a lot and how bad it is to sit all day XEN website.

Articles for medical English students. If you want to have a more light conversational session and add a video, you need to visit the NPR website. It is also great for other adult learners as well.

What about something for Christmas? Christmas sticker countdown PDF. Why not countdown Christmas with your students? Check this website out for the pdf and other printable freebies.

Spoiler alert concerning my next blog post.

My next blog post is going to be about my take on observations, but please check out these 3 blog posts cause they have inspired me. Elteachertrainer (tips for observations), How I see it now (observations about observations) and Wednesday Seminars (observations: formality and dreaming). Now, just a small teaser from me cause I wrote something that touched upon observations and you can check it out here.

Other Stuff

Since I now have my lifestyle, beauty and girlie blog, you are free from all the makeup and girlie stuff (unless you want a taste of those, then you must click here), so no more of those here (emmm, probably).

I am now sharing a few social media and promo tools.

First of all, thanks a million to Vedrana for pointing out that when you link something to your blog post on WordPress, you need to tick the little box that says open in a new window, and then no one leaves your blog!! I am also using Buffer to retweet my blog posts and Stumbleupon to share them. Stumbleupon gives your blog loads of views if you add your page, so you may want to check that out as well. I also added Amazon affiliate links, but haven’t made anything from it :p (haha).

Finally, from the 13th till the 15th of November I will be in Barcelona for the IATEFL BESIG conference. My talk is on Sunday. I will be talking about online teaching, challenges and how to deal with them etc.etc. If you happen to be there, do come by cause it will be great (the conference, not my talk. My talk will be ok-ish :p).

Anyhooooo, that’s all for October. Now pour your self some coffee and check out the stuff I shared with you.

Coffee time

Till next time….


11 thoughts on “#MonthlyFavourites: October 2015

  1. Hey there,
    I’m really glad that comment helped – I wasn’t sure whether to go ahead and say it because it sounded a bit like meddling and I know people don’t like that. 😛
    Will check out the links and good luck with Barcelona! Have a great time!


  2. Hi Joanna,
    Thanks so much for the mention! It’s a shame I don’t live in Barcelona anymore, I’d gladly attend your talk as my transition into online teaching has been a bit bumpy so far. I’m frantically looking for tips on different blogs and I remember yours to be a great source of advice on the subject. Will you post a summary of your talk?

    Liked by 1 person

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