The girlie side of ELT: Free planner printables

If you read my blog, you know I have gone planner cray-cray. I have actually shared a couple of decorative planning related posts here. The posts with free printables have been quite popular so whenever I have one, I share it here as well. I interviewed GabisPlannerPrints and she talks about herself, her store and is so kind to share a printable and a coupon code just for us!! (yay). So, let’s see what Jennifer (the store’s owner tells us). BTW you might get an idea for a Business English lesson plan here 🙂

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for agreeing to chat. So, can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m Jennifer and I live in the beautiful state of Oregon with my husband of 5 years, 2 kiddos and my third is due to join us in January.  I love all things crafty and working with my hands.  I made my first quilt when I was 9 years old!!  I also enjoy cooking, baking, sewing, and I can do one heck of a chain stitch when I crochet 😉   My Erin Condren Planner is an extension of my brain and my pregnancy brain would be lost without it.  Playing with my planner is my #1 hobby right now because it gives me a chance to brain-dump and some much needed me-time after the kiddos go to sleep.  I find that I sleep much better and fall asleep quicker when I can get my to-do list and thoughts down on paper.

How and why did you start making stickers?

I was a scrap booker for many years and I’m pretty sure that is where my love for stickers started.  I have been using planners for years and stumbled onto Erin Condren while watching a vlogger that I follow.  In the process of using a planner more, scrapbooking less, having children, and realizing that I have too many things to tuck into my memory bank to remember; my planner started to become a memory keeper as well.  I started to use my scrapbooking stickers but they didn’t match the color themes of my Erin Condren Planner and I wanted to change the headers to fit my needs.  I do not buy anything that I can make myself.  This is why I have not dabbled in cake decorating yet… I would eat all the cake all the time!  So, I went to my encyclopedia of learning known as Youtube and realized that I can make my own stickers!  I have really enjoyed designing the stickers, and using my own creation is rewarding.  My 4-year-old daughter thinks that having a mama who makes stickers is the greatest thing ever!

What about ideas? Can you tell us what inspires you?

Life, my kiddos, and the Erin Condren color themes.  I named the store after my kids:  Gabriel + Abigail = Gabi’s.  You all will have to wait until January to know what the “s” is for.  My designs are always evolving to match the needs of what I am currently planning and the monthly color schemes play a big role in that as well.  I love florals and jewel tones!  I’m finding that I write SO MUCH in my planner that I have decided to get a second planner and just recently a 3rd planner!!  I love the EC for my 3 main uses: To Do, Work/Homeschooling, Little Things (this is my memory section and kind of like a scrapbook)  I’m running out of room to write and I don’t want to tote all that information along with me when I leave the house.  My Erin Condren will be my planner for all things work/Etsy related.  I want a Plum Planner to be my household/home binder of all things important and daily tasks.  And the 3rd planner for all the wonderful memories of my family and life.  This will be especially helpful for tracking milestones for baby #3.  I have not decided what type of planner yet.  Any suggestions would be lovely!  Now that I am expanding my style of planners; I will also be offering stickers to fit ALL of them.

Jennifer's planner spread.

What can someone find at your Etsy store?

So far, I have been designing stickers based on what I would want in my own planner.  Actually, almost all of the stickers that are in my shops are there because I made them for myself and decided to share them with others.  Planning can be a very expensive hobby.  I wanted to offer printable’s and stickers that are affordable, low shipping costs, good quality, and thin so that they don’t add too much bulk to our planners.  Printable’s are great for those who enjoy DIY projects, saving money, and getting more bang for your buck.  I am adding more designs weekly as I create the stickers for my own weekly spreads.

I have been having a lot of fun making paper clips to match my themes.  I will be adding decorating kits to my shop very soon.  The kits will have washi and paper clips that coordinate with the stickers.  I too am on a budget and have limited storage space.  And that inspired me to create kits.  Just enough washi to create a spread without owning a whole roll!

If you could turn back time to the day you opened your store, what advice would you give yourself? Any top tips?

Keep printable’s separate from physical stickers so that customers are not confused about what type of product they are receiving.  Originally my shop, Gabi’s Planner Prints, was printable’s and then I added physical stickers.  I have recently separated them and the physical sticker shop is Gabi’s Paper Co.  I am now in the process of redesigning the physical stickers with the correct shop name and retaking photos.  Must have good lighting!!  This is another reason why I am re-doing my photos.  It is all a learning process.
Now let’s move on to planning. 6. How do you plan? Planning usually takes place on a quiet evening after everyone has fallen asleep.  I gather my: stickers, black Pilot G-2 .05 pen, washi tape, lemon ginger tea with honey, and I sit at my desk and enjoy the process.  It’s the end of the day and I finally sit down to relax; therefore, cue the baby and the kicking!  I reposition my stickers often due to my arm touching my belly and it getting kicked.  I look forward to planning because it is just me, the baby, and my thoughts.  I treasure uninterrupted thoughts 😉  I decorate my week and plan for Monday and a little bit for Tuesday.  Add over the last month I have tried different styles of decorating to showcase my product and share it on Instagram and Facebook.  I have learned that I am NOT a no-white planner.  I have way too much to write and I find that all the color makes focusing on the words a bit difficult for me.  I really enjoy looking back at my weeks and reading my “Little Things” sections.  Plus the pages are decorated and it is like looking at a scrapbook.

Connecting with you :). Where can people find you?

Instagram:  @gabispaperco

Periscope: Gabi’s Paper Co – Jen Homutoff


Jennifer has kindly given us two printables and a coupon code.

Coupon Code for both shops: MyPinkRambles25 25% OFF any order from BOTH shops.


November Sparkle Sticker Set-

2nd Printable

Talk soon!!!Ti

Horiz November Sparkle Sticker Set-page0001

Till next time!!!


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