#Monthlyfavourites November 2015

This month I thought I’d ask someone else to write the #monthlyfavourites post and the lovely Theodora, from TheodoraPap blog, agreed to write a guest blog post. So, let’s see what Theodora liked in November. Over to you!!

November’s peaks

I had been meaning to write a post in my own blog with November’s peaks, when I saw Joanna posting that she wanted somebody to guest blog! So here I am!

My peaks are not just blogs, but also websites or articles that I came across and found really interesting to read.

So here we go!

Number 1:

Minecraft? Why not?


Watching my son playing minecraft, I couldn’t help wondering how teachers can actually use this game in their lessons. I have seen various talks on the subject, but since I am gaming-illiterate, I still have difficulty integrating something like this in my lessons.

Here is an article – guide with useful ideas that could actually work for someone like me, as well


Number 2:

Herbert Puchta’s webinar notes

Herbert Puchta is one of my heroes. I have been using his course books and I have been attending his seminars and I actually met him in Athens last year at the TESOL convention. A brilliant man with wonderful ideas. Lot’s to learn!



Number 3:

29 photos taken by people who didn’t know they were recording history.

people taking pics.png

In my job, one of my tasks is research. So, I spend lots of hours in front of my computer, looking for authentic material that could be integrated in our courses. There are so many wonderful pictures showing what is happening in the world and could actually become prompts for discussions with your students.


Number 4:

CEFR and Grammar.


 How well do you know CEFR levels and how to evaluate your students’ level?

You will be surprised…


Number 5:

A bit of CLIL?


How healthy is your nutrition? Have you ever thought of having an informative lesson with your students?

Try British Council’s Lesson plan!


Number 6:

Self-confidence matters.

believe in yourself.jpg


Feeling a bit down (like me) lately? Here are some tips from Ted- lessons to boost your confidence.


Number 7:

Move it move it!


Have you been looking for something to lift your spirits? My personal craze!

Try spinning (or indoor cycling or RPM). Feel the energy!


That’s all folks! Have a nice December and thank you Joanna for putting me up on your blog! Pictures taken from the pixabay website.

Thanks so much Theodora!!!!!

Till next time….



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