#GirliesideofELT: Digital paper for scrapbooking

Hi guys!!

You know me. I love me some pretty planning/scrapbooking and journaling. I just popped in to say that I have a coupon code for digital paper (you can only use it for personal use not commercial purposes). If you need it for material you are making for your kids, scrap booking, journaling or anything else, you may wanna press the link and check out this website for some really nice designs. I actually made my first printable!!

Spread (2).jpg

My planner


My first printable

I bought my digital paper from an Etsy store called aestheticaddiction link can be found here . You can find lots of pretty designs to use in your planner (shout out to pretty paper designs for mentioning this website). The owner also gave coupon codes for you guys (I am making no money off this).
 20DISC – this is good for 20% off a purchase.
50DISC – 50% of any order over $10.00

You can find my printable here. Full boxes Vintage pink and beige (height 2.4 inches/width 1.5).

OK! I am off.

Talk soon!!!


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