Iatefl here I come!

Hi everyone!

I just though I’d pop in and write a quick post about my Iatefl talk and maybe entice you to come by. So,

What’s my talk about?

The main focus is on academic writing, as my talk is part of the forum on academic writing (but my drawings can be adapted for any writing class).

I will talk about using drawings in the EAP classroom. In my classrooms both the teacher and the learner draw. There will be a bit of ‘research talk’ but most of the talk will be about practical  classroom stuff.

I will tell you why I draw and what I draw during my presessional EAP sessions.

I will ask you (yeap, you) to draw too.

When is my talk?

Thursday the 14th at 10:25  Session 2.1. Hall 10b

I hope I see you there or anywhere at the conference!! By the way, I will be blogging about Iatefl hopefully from Birmingahma as well, so stay tuned!!


Nope, this is not my presentation, just a random pic 🙂



Thanks for stopping by.



9 thoughts on “Iatefl here I come!

  1. Enjoy your talk Joanna. I don’t want to say ‘I hope it goes well’, because I trust it will. I want to say ‘enjoy it’ because that’s just as important and maybe the biggest factor in the other thing happening. This was my experience the other day, when I presented at a big conference for the first time. If I wasn’t myself enjoying it, I wouldn’t have been able to put as much life into what I was saying and doing and be mindful of how to respond well to questions. My MA professor/mentor was there and later gave me so much great and encouraging feedback, in particular how I answered the questions. This was a big confidence-builder; now I’m unreasonably excited to present about a million more times! Watch me submit 88 proposals for next year.

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    • Hey Clare!! I am. I want to see if the academic writing forum was recorded and I will write a post about that and add my own presentation (since it was part of the forum). I am also thinking of making a video maybe? What do you think? x

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