#Augustfavourites 2015

Time for #Augustfavourites, but unfortunately August was sooooooo busy that I didn’t read that many blog posts nor did I have time to write that much. I am going to share with you a few bits and bobs though.

Blog posts

Anthony Teacher.com: Adapting academic reading circles for the listening and speaking classroom.

Hotel 3001: Where to look for inspiration online when trying to find ‘cool’ material to use in class/to get ideas (catchy video of paint drying btw :P).

Freelance Teacher Swelf Development: Ideas on where to look for (academic) articles/resources when not at university.


3 minute thesis: This is great to watch with your EAP students. Students from all over the world present their thesis and they talk for only 3 minutes. Some of your learners might even want to take part in the competition!

TED talks I watched with my learners

During this year’s pre-sessional EAP course I was a listening tutor which meant I did a lot of listening practice that focused on note-taking skills (especially during lectures). I watched 3 TED talks in class. I have put them in order of preference as well (my learners ranked the Cuddy talk as their favourite).

Amy Cuddy TED talk: Your body language shapes who you are (I made a lesson plan and you can find it here).

Jason Fried TED talk : Why work doesn’t happen at work (I made a lesson plan and it can be found here).

I also used this TED talk in class Noreena Hertz: How to use experts — and when not to .

Online Conference

Of course #TOBELTA 2015! This year the TOBELTA conference was about assessment. I gave a presentation as well (toot-toot) and you can watch the recording of my talk here. You can find all the recordings on YouTube.

Best buys eva (teacher goes stationery shopping)

Let me just say ….. I ❤ shopping and according to me friends…. I am good at it :P. Now, the best kind of shopping is of course stationery shopping, and this is what I got from the best book shop eva: Waterstones.

  1. A pencil-case appropriate for all bloggers.

20150909_111728    2. 3D butterfly post-it notes

   3. Labels and stickers for my planner as I enjoy decorative planning (if you are wondering what on earth that is, check out this blog post).


So, that’s it for the month of August. Short and sweet!! As I probably missed out loads of August stuff, feel free to toot your own horn if you wrote a blog post and wanna share it with me, or share anything you loved in the month of August! The comments section is all yours.

Talk soon xxx



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