My daily ELT routine

So, what’s your life like as a teacher? What do you do when school is in, and you are the busy bee teacher? If you ask a teacher about their daily routine, you will probably get what you are about to read in this post. So, here is my #dailyELTroutine (note to the blogger/teacher/reader:

it would be so cool if this turned out to be a chain if other teachers shared their daily routines. Teachers from around the world.Let me know if you do).Ah, yes, a bit of context: I live in Greece and have been teaching for 17 years.

So, this is my day. Let‘s call it Monday

8:17. This is when the dreadful alarm clock goes off. First thing I do is turn on the light. Second… check my phone. I look at my emails, my facebook notifications and check to see if I had any missed calls or text messages (my phone is on silent mode when I am sleeping).There is actually a term for this. It’s called FOMO (fear of missing out). My day starts with a severe FOMO attack.
Between 8:20-8:45. I have breakfast, get dressed and slap on whatever creams I have laying around somewhere.
8:45-9. As I teach Business English online, I need to:
  1. Send my learners an email with a link to the platform we are using.
  2. Log into Adobe and upload all the material I will be using.
  3. Check my learners’ management system and download any teaching material, lesson notes necessary.
  4. Call my learner.
9-2:30 Teach, teach, make lesson notes and pretty much repeat what I do from 8:45-9.
* I often have gaps between lessons and as I am an online teacher, I get to do other stuff at home.  Stuff means: check twitter and read blog posts or articles I find interesting, write a blog post, ride my bike (stationary workout bike of course!) and listen to music whilst also reading MC or Elle (yeah, I am a multi task bike rider). I may also make lunch, call a friend or just watch sth on TV. Doing some marking, planning or writing up lesson notes is also a given.

4:00 to 9:00 More teaching. I teach all ages and all groups. Some of my students come to my house, others don’t,so I go to theirs. I only teach one to one or little group sessions (maybe I should say pair sessions but does that even exist? Pair as in two students and me.. dunno).

9- undetermined: Correcting+planning.  This varies cause every day I have different things to correct or upload (for my online learners). I would say though that roughly this takes about an hour.
Then dinner time followed by some serious YouTube video watching. This is when I stop thinking of teaching and I watch women talk about makeup, lifestyle etc.. etc. and then….

And that folks is #dailyELTroutine.
Pretty much teach, teach and teach. 
Yeah, and I’m loving it cause, I may have a schedule, but as you know, no lesson is like the previous one : )

Till next time….

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