Fun tasks for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day ❤

Looking for something to do with your students on Valentine’s day? Search no longer,fellow teacher.!In this blog post you will find ideas for different things you can do on that day.
Online quizzes, vocabulary games for young and older learners
There are lots of websites that offer online quizzes for young learners. You may want your students to play an online game and match pictures and words or an online crossword (this is more suitable for older learners).
Love songs (the songs with * have fairly simple lyrics)
There are so many love songs to choose from. The lyrics will definitely be available somewhere as well. You can do gap filling tasks with these songs. I have added the link to the YouTube video in case the title does not ring a bell.
Frank Sinatra LOVE
*The Contours Do you love me?
The Cardigans Lovefool 

Gloria Gaynor I love you baby
Whitney Houston I will always love you

A Project about Valentine’s Day
Why not get your students to do research on Saint Valentine, the origing of this celebration, how it is celebrated around the world and so on? This should be organised a few days earlier. Your students can present their projects on Valentine’s day.

Picture taken from here

Jigsaw reading about Valentine’s Day around the world.
Why not read about Valentine’s day and strange traditions from all around the world. Student A reads about 5 countries and Student B the other 5. Once they have read their texts and taken notes, take them away and ask your students to tell each other about the strange Valentine’s Day traditions.
Remember this old TV show? Watch an episode or one round of the game. Stop when the timer shows who the man or woman is going to choose (this is minute 5 on the link I have shared with you) and ask your learners to summarise the 3 contestants’ answers and then guess who will get chosen. I would suggest using this with older learners or adults. This is a blast from the past!! The sound quality is not that great either, so I also suggest using it with stronger students.
Make a card
You can make Valentine’s day cards with your students. You can either print colouring pages and get them to add this to cardboard and make a card or print actual card templates. You can also try this cool Valentine’s Day 3D pop up card. If I have young learners who are shy and they don’t want to make a card for the one they love, I say that you can make this card and give it to mummy/ daddy or grandparents. Of course the poem that goes in the card is:

                Roses are Red
                         Violets are blue
                                     Sugar is sweet
                                                  and so are you.

Valentine’s day debate
Split your students into two groups. One group in favour of celebrating Valentine’s Day and the against it. Each team should have a spokesperson. Give them about 5 minutes to prepare.  Once both teams are ready, they can debate over whether we should or should not celebrate this day.
Colouring page screen shot taken from here

Valentine’s day cupcake topping ideas
How about watching a video about cupcake toppings? Ask your students to take notes of the way they can add a flower or a rose topping on a cupcake. You can add subtitles if you have weaker students. There is also a transcript option.


Valentine’s Stepping stones Odds and Evens
You can revise numbers, teach your students the difference between odds and evens by using this great odds and evens stepping stone coloring page.
I have made a lesson plan about first dates and the growth of a relationship. The language focus is on Make and Do collocations. You can find that here

Couldn’t resist embedding the song : )

If you want more ideas, have a look at this website:

Feel free to add any other ideas in the comments section below.

Till next time……..


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