Video-Based session: Kindergartener’s ABCs save dad’s life

I am sharing with you an adaptation of a lesson I did for my Delta. This is a video-based lesson which is appropriate for learners who are upper intermediate level and above. It was part of a Task based learner lesson but now I have made adaptations so it does not really follow the stages of TBL. It is great for upper-intermediate learners. I used this lesson with my Ielts class and a Business English class in order to jazz things up. The skill practiced is speaking/listening(story telling ). Lesson length: 45-50 minutes.

You will find a downloadable detailed lesson plan, a PPT and a handout. I have also embedded the video. The video is from the webpage and can also be found here

Sorry folks but my editing skills are not great + I am not aware of how you cut off codes which means that I was unable to cut the add off : (. On the bright side? The commercial only lasts for 14 seconds so keep that in mind when showing the video.

Task 1: T shows key words and asks sts for quick guesses about this story.    (5 mins)

Task 2: In pairs, sts plan the story based on the prompts and report back to the rest of the class. Once stories have been reported back to the rest of the class, they watch the story.    (10mins+4 mins video)

Task 3: Ss watch video again and make notes of the features of telling a story. This is followed by input about what makes a good story.  (9 mins)

Task 4:  Ss plan and tell their own story- theme: an emergency.  (12 mins)

Task 5: Setting H/W


Here is the video

Here is the lesson plan:

TBL lesson plan (2)

Here are the task sheets:

Experimental session Task based learning (1)

* There is a little typo on the task sheet. Where I talk about story-telling skills I say “on chronological order” it is supposed to be in chronological order.

Here is the PPT:

Kindergarteners ABCs helps save Dad’s life


Till next time…….


2 thoughts on “Video-Based session: Kindergartener’s ABCs save dad’s life

    • Thanks Miguel!!
      My learners enjoyed this lesson as well. I had the post on my other blog and I am trying to move everything here but having difficulty embedding videos on WordPress at the moment. I will check out EDpuzzle. Thanks for that!!


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