I know I shouldn’t…. but I am.

I do not talk about politics. Eva. This is an ELT blog and I talk about teaching. I wanted to post my easy breezy #monthlyfavorites post today. Talk about what is good in the world of teaching and add my girlie stuff and live on my pink little cloud, but I cannot. I am sad and disappointed. I want someone to show that they care. Someone to take a stand and do something. This has nothing to do with a Yes or a No..My vote is for a solution.

I am Greek and I am a European. Don’t let me drown.



7 thoughts on “I know I shouldn’t…. but I am.

  1. Absolutely, Joanna. My heart bleeds for the majority of the Greek people, normal people who have worked hard all their lives… I lived & worked on Lesvos & Chios after initally training as a teacher several years agao & have very fond memories of my time there, & I made some dear friends.
    διάθεση Ελλάδα………..!

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  2. Dear Joanna,
    So much is going on in the world at the moment that what could be a tragic turn for millions of people is hardly being considered so; and yet.
    Yet it will affect the Greek but Europeans and the rest of the world too. They worked so long and hard for our planet to be ‘globalised’ and now ignore the link there is between all the world’s nations. Big and small. Rich and ‘poor’. Northern and Southern.
    We are definitely affected by this too.
    My heart bleeds with yours and I pray Greece (and all the other countries suffering their own tragedies) see better days soon.
    peace Hx

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