#MonthlyFavourites June 2015

So, since I enjoyed writing my first #monthlyfavorites post, and you guys seemed to like it as well, I am back with #Junefavourites. So, here are the things I loved in June. I start off with ELT-related things I enjoyed, I move on to fun kinda work -related stuff and I go completely girly and borderline personal at the end of the post. If you like these posts or have your own favourites, feel free to comment in the comments section. Of course there are blog posts,websites and other great stuff I missed out or couldn’t fit in this post, so leave your favourites in the comments, will you?  : ) . So, here goes folks. Let’s see what I liked in June!!

*How to read this post: I suggest reading the whole thing and then pressing the links you are interested in.


Because I teach Business English a lot. I very frequently write #BusinessEnglish in the search tab and find loads of tweets with a lot of information about tasks, websites etc.

Facebook group

ELTpics: This is a Facebook group where teachers can share their photos and then other teachers from all around the world get to use them for free (after giving picture credits of course). If you are always looking for pictures, you may also want to check the ELTpics website.


BBC 6 minute English. There are 6 minute podcasts that you can use with your learners. I use them with my online students. I just send the link and then we talk about what they heard. I sometimes make some quick exercises based on the recordings.

Blog Posts

Sandy Millin: Integrating everyone in the classroom. This is a must read. Period.

Vicky Papageorgiou: Summer Opportunities. Vicky has gathered all the free MOOCs you can attend for summer CPD.

Biz-e-training: How to get your Business English learners to do homework.

Roseli Serra talking about her PLN. Lovely warm post.

David Harbinson: A challenging conversation (with students about prejudice). I really enjoyed reading this.

Ljiljana Havran’s blog  Ljiljana talks about misconceptions regarding learning and teaching. Dreamreader.net wrote a follow up article (inspired by Ljiljana) and you can find it here

Tekhnologic: 10 PowerPoint Tips for Teachers. Read this post and learn more about PowerPoint. I know I did.

Toot toot-ing my own horn  🙂

IATEFL BESIG. I wrote an article for the Besig newsletter and it can be found here. I talk about some of the challenges of teaching online and offer suggestions on how to deal with them.


Creativity in the English language classroom by Alan Maley and Nik Peachey. Quoting the British council (where the book is shared),

The activities will help teachers to explore the role of creativity in the classroom both in the sense of helping students to express their unique creative identity and also by helping them to think about and use language in a creative way.

For the Pdf press here

Something for the fellas  😀

Yeap, boys, before I go all girlie on you, I have something for my male readers who wear ties. This is also a great conversation topic if you teach Business English. It was published a way back, but it is always one of my go to articles. You can find the link here.

Girlie and Random Stuff

Office looks

Of course I am going to have a YouTuber in here (this post is inspired by YouTube anyhow). So, ladies, some nice clothes for the office. Dunno if I would wear these clothes to teach, but they are nice little outfits (me thinks).

DIY soaps and stuff

If you like bath bombs and creams, you may want to have a try with these DIY products. I actually made the rose sugar cane scrub  🙂


I love this! I had to mention it! The Clinique Pop line. It is like wearing a lip balm only it is really pigmented and long-lasting. Ladies, I do   ❤ my makeup, so I recommend this one!!

clinique pop

Poppy Pop

You can find a colour bind friendly blog post with all the colours of this particular lipstick range here.


And cause I am always borderline personal on my blog. Here, is a fun time of this month. A pic with my gals at a wedding (I am the one in glasses).

Ther girls

Random weird pic I took.




This song is called the last dance (thanks Vedrana for telling me). I like it. I like the beat, and it suits my mood these days in Greece. Half of the post was written during the good days and the final touches during the bad ones. 

Till next time…To better times……


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