A weekend in #Cambridge

#ThegirliesideofELT post 9

For bank holiday weekend Deirdre and I decided to meet up in Cambridge, and we did. We had never been to Cambridge before so we thought it would be a good meeting point, and it was. If you are in the UK and have never been to Cambridge, you really need to visit. It is beautiful, very picturesque and… academic. Yeap, yeap my inner dork felt at home. I loved it there!


I took the train from Sheffield to Cambridge. It was a three hour journey but, you know me, I made friends on the train and spent half the time marking and the other half chatting  🙂

I met Deirdre at the train station and we got a taxi till the Double tree by Hilton in Cambridge. It is a luxurious hotel. Very nice rooms and the gardens look really pretty. The majority of staff was friendly.We had to leave our stuff at the lobby cause our room wasn’t ready so we decided to walk around Cambridge. Walking down the street with all the colleges is so impressive. I loved it! You gotta be there to get what I mean! We walked a bit an then had lunch at a pub called The Mitre. I had a very filling burger and a jug of Pims. It was the bottomless jug though, the never ending one!!

                                                    cam buildingclock

We walked a bit more and then headed back for a tiny rest at the hotel. We actually ended up having dinner at our hotel and it was yummy (kinda pricey, but then again it’s the Double tree). We also went for a drink at a pub by the river.

The next day we decided to do a bit of shopping, and yes, damage was done! Walked some more, and had a pizza at this Italian chain called Zizi I got a pizza that had goats cheese on it. It was tasty and….skinny. Then back to the hotel, and some cocktails at the bar.

me river

Al in all, I really had a fun, relaxed, girlie weekend. Two hard working teachers having a break 🙂

I will definitely visit Cambridge again! For more #girlie posts press here. Feel free to tell m what you did last weekend in the comments section below.

Talk soon xxx


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