Gimme a rock to hide unda

I just read Michael Griffin’s post about ‘scaring’ students on the first day. His post has nothing to do with scenes from horror films, don’t worry. It inspired me and got me thinking about something though. It is something I have been thinking about for a while. Scary teachers, but not the ones who scare students. Nope. The ones who scare off other teachers.

My ‘scary’ teachers

  • Loud/Know-it all Alpha type teachers

These are the ones I am scared of the most. They walk into the staff room and take the floor… with their  voice. Then comes the ‘i’ ‘I’ ‘I’.

‘I am the center of the ELT world, I know everything and you better listen, cause if you don’t, well, you will be deaf!”

Now, from time to time, you may learn something interesting, but most of the time, the constant attention seeking just makes me run away or try to find a rock to try to hide under.

  • The banterers/ The borderline rude/no filter colleagues

Don’t get me wrong. I ❤ banter. I am sarcastic (funny-ish) from time to time, but there are some teachers I have come across that just take banter to a whole new level that makes it rude. And this comes from someone (me) who is quite rude anyway. The ”funny” teachers make ‘fun’ of anything;age/nationality/weight etc. etc. And yes, this happens, and yes, I have witnessed it. This is when I roll my eyes or just give one word answers. The expression on my face of course is… ”don’t mess with me dude”. But, neva,eva confrontational.

  • The super/duper control freak teachers

So, you have ‘planners’ and then you have ‘overplanners’. The ones who know what they will be doing for Christmas 2050, they  just freak me out. They make me feel insecure about what I am doing in class and are counterproductive for me. I just stress out when I am around them, and again, I run away.

Seriously, you must wonder, when am I actually in the office? I am, I promise. I am just scared of the ‘scary’ teachers!

Happy school year to everyone and beware of the scary teachers    🙂


Till next time…..


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