Happy New Year everyone!!! Today’s post is going to be about what I loved in December ELT wise. So, let’s see!!


Here are some articles I used to generate discussions/ long talks with my learners.

The secret to living a long life: This one was funny. I asked my (female) learners, “What do you think the secret to a long life is”. They gave me loads of answers but no one expected this one. There is a video as well, so there was a bit of listening practice as well.

13 things airlines don’t want you to know: They found this one VERY interesting!!Loads of colloquialisms here. Looked at lots of words and idioms. Some of my students wanted to read the whole article even though we had run out of time!

Fondue slippers: Disgusting and again very interesting!!!

Blog Posts

I read two lovely blog posts that had the same theme. 30 things to ask yourself on Newe Year’s Eve. Anna Loseva posted the questions a year ago. You can find the post here. Rachel’s post is here and Sandy’s is here. Just as I was editing this post, Vedrana wrote her 30 questions to ask. You can find that one here.

C’mon Let’s speak: Great ideas for speaking activities by Hana.

Tekhnologic’s 2016 Calendar. You seriously need to check out his blog. Really good (and very helpful).

Evan Frendo mentioned this site during his BESIG talk. If you are interested in corpora, check this one out. Laurence Anthony’s Website.

Websites and some random stuff

  • Fonts. You may want to use different fonts for your websites, lesson handouts or whatever. Check this website out.
  • Free digital paper for scrapbooking/journaling etc (only for personal use). I was given two free jpegs to share with my readers on blog number 2. It is really pretty. You can check it out here.

My covers.jpg

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Till next time….






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