A freakin awesome day!!!

You know that I usually write a (thoughts) post when something upsetting has happened or I need advice or I want to ask your opinion or…. ( too many ors…. I know). Well, today isn’t one of those days. Today was freakin awesome! I had a great teaching day which just reminded me of why I ❤ my job. So, here is my ode to the ‘awesomeness’ of teaching!!

FUN factor

As teachers, we often make lessons that  are learner-centered and that aim to help the learners of course, learn something. We also try to please or even entertain them. But what about the teacher? How often do you make/have lessons that you the teacher will enjoy? One minute… one minute… before you start rolling your eyes, jumping up and saying, “I always make lessons that interest me too!I cannot teach something if I find it boring!” I know that. I agree on that. I am talking about lessons YOU enjoy, not because your learners are having fun, but because YOU are having fun! In the learner-centered classroom, how often does the teacher pull the short straw? Today, I had a very interesting lesson with my learner and we were both having real fun. We were both laughing, he was asking questions, I was answering. I was asking questions, he was answering. He got the target language, he used the target language. It was a great lesson. It was AWESOME.candy

Teacher praise

I then had a different lesson. One with an A2 learner who struggles, but was able to make a complex sentence with a few errors in it.He got out of his comfort zone and tried it instead of lots of little sentences, he made a complex one. When I got feedback from the learner, he said, ” I feel more comfortable Joanna, and I am making longer sentences and I want to thank you for that”. Awwwwwww. I mean, I don’t know how often your students say, ” Thank you”, some of mine do, usually when they go off into the real world, but during a course, during a lesson, they don’t really say any thanks. But today one did, and that was AWESOME too!!!

So, yeah…. today was awesome, and I am sharing it with you, cause you guys are awesome too, cause you do the same thing as me. We are awesome teachers!!! What makes a teacher happy doesn’t necessariyly have to do with money. We get good vibes, praises and that makes us happy.

Toot- toot- toot ( Joanna praising herself and using the third person).

Whoever counts how many times I used the word awesome gets a cookie!!!!! Oh!!! Please, please, if you have time, leave a comment below about an awesome teaching moment for you. Let’s spread the…. awesomeness!!!! ❤ ❤

Till next time…….


2 thoughts on “A freakin awesome day!!!

  1. Hi Joanna! So happy we had a great day (oooops, sorry! I forgot to say…awesome!!! ) I got praised today from my student who said that today he had a great time and laughed a lot. It’s the biggest prize you can get, isn’t it?? Kisses!

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