The one where I jinxed everything

So folks,

Last week I came on here all joy and fun to talk about my Iatefl presentation. To get you to come and hear me talk.

I was ready. Presentation rehearsed. Plane/Car booked. Luggage packed and then…… I got sick. I went nowhere!!! I stayed at home, in bed doing nada. I was so sick I couldn’t even watch the presentations! I mean com’on! Talk about jinxing myself!!

So,  here is what I learnt from this experience.

Stay away from sick students when something important is coming up.

Do not over talk about something when you are really excited cause… you jinx yourself.

No matter how well you plan something, everything may still go down the drain!!

On the bright side, I lost 2 kilos! Yay.


As for my presentation, I will make a video and share it here.

So, that’s why I haven’t written any Iatefl posts and why I have been quiet.

Talk soon.



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