Blog post number 1: My big news!!!!

Hi guys!!!

A while ago Hana Ticha wrote a blog post about how lots of bloggers were not really blogging that much and we (silent bloggers) kinda took it as a challenge and decided we’d try to blog as much as possible in September.

I set a target of 15 blog posts. Let’s see if I manage to do it.

We named it #thehanachallenge and you (yes, fellow edu blogger) can take part if you wish and try to set a target of as many as possible.

Beach in Chania

Let me explain my silence

I have actually gone from a rambler to not writing much at all.

I have been busy. I mean really busy. I have too many hobbies and a demanding full time job, so I kinda stopped blogging.

The other thing is that I feel all “blogged out”. I mean, I have kinda shared most of the things I wanted to share. I have written loads of blog posts!!

Blogging was also a way I shared my ideas cause my teaching situation made me feel a bit isolated, but now I go into the staff room and exchange opinions and then it’s out of my system folks!! I never had a proper staff room before. A space to share ideas, talk about our work problems. The past few months I did.

This brings me to my big news. Yup. So, if you have been reading my blog for a while you probably know that

I am in Greece

I teach EAP in the UK during the summer

I teach Business English online

Well, this year was a bit different. My EAP journey started in March and….

I just got a full time job at a UK university!!!

It’s my first full time EAP tutor post. I am so excited and so scared!!! It will be a new chapter in my career as a teacher and quite challenging cause I have never lived in the UK during the winter, I have never been far away from my family for so long and yeah, it’s a new beginning.

So, there’s my life update and blog post numero uno!!!

Till next time….



11 thoughts on “Blog post number 1: My big news!!!!

  1. Congratulations, Joanna! I’m very, very happy for you. I guess this answers my question if you’re still in the UK. 🙂 I totally understand the need to blog less if you have a staffroom full of motivated colleagues, but we’ll still be interested to hear what you’ve been up to in your classes. Have you talked to your employer about your blogging and if there are any guidelines as to what you can (or possibly cannot) share? I have asked my boss if I can write about some of the education-related stuff we do at work and have been told that I can go ahead, but as I understand it, only share stuff that is publicly available. That’ll make more sense when I actually share something. Anyway, congrats once again!

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    • Hi Vedrana! Thank you!! I think I will still blog. Don’t know what yet. I am excited because I really wanted to teach EAP on a more permanent basis!! All the best to you too!!

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