My Whiteboard & the thought process behind it

Hi guys,

Blog post numero duo (don’t worry my counting in Italian is gonna end today!) is here. Today I am going to talk about and show you my whiteboard. I have never really shared pics of my whiteboard, but I thought I’d share something cause well it’s interesting to share the ‘thought’ process behind what goes on my bard.

My context

I was teaching academic English and the lesson was a writing lesson.

My thought process

Of course I don’t think my whiteboard is perfect nor do I think that you will want to lift it and make it your own, but it makes sense to me and my learners. My white board is often photographed (I will touch upon the whole photograph thing a bit later on).


Let’s take a closer look

You know when you reach the end of a series of sessions which have all been leading up to the writing of a long essay? This is what this board was for. A round up of the things my learners needed to focus on before handing in the first draft of their cause and effect essay. It was, in fact, based on questions and things I had noticed needed to be highlighted. I like using asterisks and smiley/sad faces. I draw boxes, circle things and so on. I do not use colours cause I am colourblind and that does not make sense to me (see what a non colour coordinated whiteboard looks like?).


Setting Homework

Yeap! I make a list of everything my students have to do for homework. This works for me cause I don’t erase it, so it is there the next time I go into class and I get to check it. It works for my students as well cause they take a pic and check their homework (hopefully they do it as well!!).

Camera in the class: Do or don’t?

Well, personally, I don’t mind when my students take a pic of my whiteboard. I do always warn them though. I say,

Just because I am OK with you taking a pic of my whiteboard/ slides, doesn’t mean all the tutors are, so you need to ask for their permission.

I also tell them when they need to write something down. You see, when something is super important, I tell them to take notes and not just a pic. I think they retain it better in their memory. Someone actually told me that. Dunno if it is an urban legend though or true!!

So, there you have it. My whiteboard. I’d love to see yours. As for the #hanachallenge, I am on number 2 (have committed to 15…. let’s see).

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Till next time….


6 thoughts on “My Whiteboard & the thought process behind it

  1. I also think that writing things down for yourself commits them to memory more easily than just taking a photo. Maybe if the Ss are really organised with their photos and organise the ones for the English lessons separately from their selfies and whatnot then it might be OK … would be an interesting study!! 😉

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  2. Thanks for sharing this. The very first thing that struck me was that it was all in a single colour, but I wasn’t surprised because of you being colour blind. The one thing I would say is that since it’s all in red, it can be quite difficult to read (at least I think I’d find that in class). I wonder if black or even blue would be better as a single colour? Feel free to ignore me!
    I agree about writing things down. Circles, boxes etc are really useful as navigational aids. I also tend to section off parts of the board to stop me accidentally erasing them when I’m rubbing other bits out!

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    • Hey Sandy!
      I was writing in red? Haha! I didn’t know that! I asked my sts if they could see and they could. Colours are so complicated! 😊
      Feel free to comment whatever you want!
      Jo x

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      • Hi Sandy and Jo,
        Re the red marker, I just thought I’d mention that I was at a presentation last week and the wifi password was written on the board in red marker. It was dying, so the color wasn’t as intense, but as I was sitting in the second last row I really found myself wishing that they’d used black – and made a mental note to toss all my dry or almost dry markers. I like the idea of students taking pics of the board, but also think things are more likely to stick if they write them down. But for homework pics are perfect.

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